Who came first Batman or Superman?

by aLjI– IF you’re wondering who can turn comic books into movies faster than a speeding bullet, I’ll say the Filipinos can.

After stumbling into Dennis Villegas’ and Andrew Leavold’s websites, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Philippines is quicker on the draw… or was quicker.

 The ‘50s up to the ‘70s seemed quite an exciting period in Philippine cinema based on these posters and “komiks” both bloggers have posted on their sites– proof that back in the day when copyright infringement was more blurry than it is today; Philippine cinema and the Komikbook industry had quite an impressive output of plagiarized superheroes.

Here are some samples in a blog we’ll call:


1.  “IRON MAN: The Movie “or “CAPTAIN BARBELL Kontra CAPTAIN BAKAL” Da Pelikula?!

Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense, published by Marvel Comics in 1963.

“Iron Man: The Movie” starring Robert Downey, Jr was released in 2008 .

“Captain Barbell Kontra Captain Bakal” (obviously, “Captain Bakal” was the Iron Man of the Philippines) starring Willie Sotelo as “Captain Barbell” and  Carlos Padilla, Jr. as “Dario”  was shown in 1965…

 …43 years before Downey’s blockbuster film.


“Little Mermaid” is an original Hans Christian Anderson tale published in 1837 .

There have been a lot of versions in both films and TV shows. The most famous today is, of course, the Disney cartoon “Little Mermaid” which was shown in 1989.

The Philippine movie version starred Jaime Dela Rosa and Edna Luna as “Dyesebel”, a dead-on copy of the Little Mermaid. It was shown in 1953…

…a full 36 years prior to the famed Disney version.


 After the success of Adam West’s “Batman” TV series, they turned it into a full-length film creatively called… “Batman”, and was released in 1966.

The movie follow-up came a bit late via Tim Burton’s … hold your breath…“Batman”, starring Michael Keaton in 1989.

The Philippines had its own movie version featuring Bob Soler and Lou Salvador, Jr. in “Alyas Batman at Robin” and was released in 1965…

…one year before the Adam West-movie and

24 years before Tim Burton’s.

“Holy cajoney, Batman!”


Speaking of Batman, one of his arch nemesis or ex-girl friends (depending on which storyline you believe) had a solo production in “Catwoman” with the scorching Halle Berry playing the . But as hot as Halle was, the critics and audiences gave it the cold shoulder and it flopped back in 2004.

Not so with its Philippine version titled “Pussycat”. It starred the equally hot Divina Valencia (of the classic “Divina Valencia, Estella Suarez, nagbu-burles.. song) and was released in 1969…

…35 years before Halle’s unimpressive movie. “Pussy-cat” was a certified hit in ’69 right on that memorable summer of free love and free pussy, if you know what I mean.


Marvel superhero Reed Richards (a.k.a  “Mr. Fantastic”) of the Fantastic Four is an exact copy of DC Comic’s “Plastic Man”. Why do I say this? Well, just look:


The thing is Plastic Man came out in the comics on August 1941, while Marvel’s version called Mr. Fantastic appeared 20 years after on November 1961.

Go figure.

Anyway, Mr. Fantastic was brought to the movie screens only in 2005 in “Fantastic Four” played by Ioan Gruffudd. Maybe because the technology to show Mr. Fantastic’s power to extend various parts of his body (hmmm…?) were not available yet, the Hollywood version was a bit late.

 Movie special effects were not a problem in the Philippines back in 1965 when Von Serna (Snooky’s dad!) appeared as “Lastik Man”—Yes! pLastic Man, without the “P”– 40 years before Hollywood’s Mr. Fantastic.

 Anak ng P , talaga!

If you think that was strange, how about this mash-up:


+ ROSARCH of the “Watchmen” + “SPIDERMAN”


The Spirit created by the great Will Eisner first appeared as a newspaper insert in 1940.

Hollywood turned it into a movie in 2008, written and directed by another great artist: Frank Miller (300 and Sin City).

 The Question (below) and Mr. A (below The Question) appeared in 1967 although in different comicbooks: The Question in Blue Beetle #1 while Mr. A in Witzend # 3.

These comic book heroes, both created by Steve Ditko, clearly play up the Q and A reference: “Question and Answer”. Get it?

Alan Moore created Rorschach (below) for the comic book series The Watchmen in 1986 and admittedly says that Rorschach was based on Ditko’s The Question.  

The Watchmen was shown in 2009 to rave reviews (there’s Rorschach in the middle).

Spiderman was the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (again!) and was first seen on Amazing Fantasy # 15 in August 1962.

Then in 2002, Sam Raimi directed the movie“Spider-Man” starring Tobey Maguire.

And then it got weird-err:

 Just a year after Spider-Man’s comic book debut, out comes the movie “Bakas Ng Gagamba”! It featured Bernard Bonnin (Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach’s father) in 1963.


This Pinoy superhero is an obvious combination of The Spirit, The Question, Mr. A (note: the fedora hat) and yes, Spider-Man (place Spidey’s chest on Gagamba’s face and you’ll get the picture).

Now if the US version starring Tobey Maguire had sequels, the Philippine version had more:


Part 3: “ANG LIHIM NG GAGAMBA” (1963)

Part 4: “GAGAMBA AT SI SCORPIO” (1969)

Spider-Man 4, also known as “Spider-Man Reboot” will be out in theaters on 2012—almost 50 years after “Gagamba at si Scorpio”.


While writing this part, I suddenly noticed the frequent use of the words “Alyas” and “Captain” in most of these old Filipino films.  I guess the words “Alyas” and “Captain” it makes it seem like it’s the original without claiming to be the original. Pretty smart, huh?

Anyway, here’s another Alyas-movie–  “Alyas Phantom”!

The comic book character the Phantom was created by Lee Falk in 1936.

“Alyas Phantom”, the Filipino film was shown in 1966, a mere 30 years after, starring Bob Soler and Nova Villa (the comedienne) as his leading lady.

It was such a hit, another version came out in 1974 where the Phantom became a transvestite of  some sort, with gay icon Vilma Santos as its star called “Phantom Lady”.

The Hollywood version came early this time (thank goodness!) in 1943 with a 15-part movie-serial starring Tom Tyler and Jeanne Bates. But the Phantom-movie everyone remembers today was the one starring Billy Zane in 1996 called “The Phantom”.

You do remember Billy, right?

Stop shaking your head.

 8.     “SUPERGIRL” or “SUPERGIRL”?!

First of all, Supergirl has never been Superman’s girl friend. She’s actually his cousin. In 1959 Kara Zor-El appeared in Action Comics #252 wearing the same Superman costume after crashing on earth from Planet Krypton.

Fourteen years later, by some Kryptonian miracle, Supergirl appeared in the Philippines as the actress Pinky Montilla in a movie with the same title: “Supergirl” in 1973.

 In 1984, 11 years after the Philippine version, Hollywood came up with “Supergirl”  starring Helen Slater. According to Wikipedia “It failed to impress critics and audiences”.

 Both movies were not as super as they expected.

 9.    “SUPERMAN the Movie” or “ZOOM, ZOOM, SUPERMAN”?!

The most famous Superman movie version was, of course, the 1978 film “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve. This movie came out 40 years after Superman first appeared inside the pages of Action Comics # 1 created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938!

If you think Hollywood had one over the quick Filipino filmmakers of the ‘70s, think again.

In 1973, a full five years before Chris Reeve donned the red cape as “Superman” , a Filipino version called “Zoom, Zoom, Superman!” broke all Philippine box-office records existing at that time.

It starred Ariel Ureta (I guess, the top matinee idol that time?) and he had the best directors of Philippine cinema directing this three-in-one Ariel Ureta treat (like, one was not enough): Elwood Perez, Joey Gosiengfiao and National Artist for Cinema Ishmael Bernal.

Can Brian Singer beat Ishma, the National Artist? Guess not.

10.    “POPEYE” or “POPEYE ATBP”?!

Proof that Ariel Ureta was quite a box-office draw in the ‘70s, the same producers quickly came up with a follow-up just months after in 1973 called “Popeye Atbp”, directed by the same directors. Talk about striking while the iron is hot.

Popeye is the world’s most famous sailor-man, created by E.C. Segar as a newspaper comic strip in 1919. So, the Philippine movie version was late by about 54 years.

How late was Hollywood this time? About 61 years late!

In 1980, Robert Altman directed Robin Williams in the live-action-sing-along-film Popeye. It was Robin’s first movie and Popeye’s last.

Hollywood didn’t even attempt a sequel.


Andrew Leavold

Dennis Villegas


Google Images

Marvel Comics

DC Comics

Warner Brothers

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Mahilig ka ba sa PWET?

GUESSING game ito.

Guess mo kung kaninong pwet ito?

A. Action Star Ronnie Ricketts

B. ABS-CBN Newbie Gerald Anderson

C. GMA-7 Talent Dingdong Dantes

D. Anonymous Blogger Bob Ong

For the answer click THIS.

To play the rest of the game:


Have fun clicking. 🙂

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Tama na blogging! BOXING NAMAN! (Panalo si PAC MAN! Yehey!)


Na-tiris ni “Money” Pacquiao si Miguel “Kuto”.



Round One

Bell sounds and Firepower is on. Awesome to see the cameras flashing around the place. Cotto lands a good left jab that gets a response from the crowd. Another good left by Cotto. Pacquiao throws a few right hands blocked by Cotto. Good combination from Pacquiao. Pacquiao goes for a jab to the body but pays for it with good counters from Cotto. Pacquiao fires off a hard left that Cottto ducks under. Cotto throws an upercut but misses. Great first round, slight edge to Cotto.

Considering the well-known fact that Manny Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 KO) carries the hope of the entire country of the Philippines into the ring with him every time he fights, the reigning pound-for-pound fighter is never short on motivation for a fight.

That said, he’ll have even more than usual tonight.

Mythoughts: Habang binabasa ko ito, naalala ko ‘yung laban ni Manny against David Diaz nu’ng June 2008. Pumapalag din si Diaz sa simula ng laban. Pero humalik din sa canvas in the end. Tulog agad. Hehe.

Round Two

Pacquiao tries to counter a jab with a combination but it’s taken well by Cotto. Cotto lands an uppercut on a counter after Pacquiao comes forward. Cotto lands a jab and Pacquiao nods. Good left jab from Pacquiao followed by another. Good jab from Cotto to answer. Crowd is electric, going wild with every shot. Pacquiao lands a good uppercut that seemed to have hurt Cotto a bit. Cotto regains and lands a nice left hook. Cotto warned for a low blow. Pacquiao feints and then comes forward landing a hook to start a combination. Pacquiao becoming more aggressive. Good counter left from Pacquiao. Cotto works the body then goes high but Pacquiao comes a back and lands a flurry. The place erupts, Pacquiao wins the round.

Mythoughts: Kung gaano ka-agresibo si Paquiao sa round na ito against Cotto, ganu’n din siya ka-agresibo nu’ng laban niya kay Oscar Dela Joya nu’ng December 2008. Hindi nga umubra si Golden Boy kay Pac Man.

Round Three

Cotto bullying forward to start the round, working the jab. Straight left from Cotto lands. Good right hand from Pacquiao and he follows with a combination that knocks down Cotto! Cotto is back up and Pacquiao not pressing immediately. Cotto missees an overhand left and Pacquiao counters but Cotto takes it and continues to move forward. Great left hook from Cotto, but Pacquiao doesn’t seem bothered by it. Accidental headbutt stops action briefly, neither fighter cut. Good left from Cotto. Cotto lands another efective left hook. Cotto lands a good uppercut in the corner. 10-8 round for Pacquiao.

Mythoughts: Naalala n’yo pa ba ‘yung alang kuwentang laban ni Paquiao with Ricky Hatton nu’ng May 2009? Parang si Hatton din si Cotto. ‘Alang kuwenta:


Round Eleven

You could hear the crowd’s reaction to seeing Cotto’s swollen face on the big screen at the start of the round. Pacquiao lowers his hands and gives another look of frustration at Cotto’s unwillingness to exchange. Cotto’s goes up against the ropes and now in the corner. Pacquiao lands some good shots but Cotto answers with a good left hook that pushes him back. Crowd begins to boo again as it’s obvious Cotto doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Mythoughts: At ‘eto na nga si “Kuto”– este si Cotto. Naging biktima rin ng bilis at lakas ni Manny Paquiao nu’ng November 2009. Nakakahiya ito kasi umayaw… sa lahat ng laban sa boxing, nakakahiya ang umaayaw. At according sa sweepstakes: “Ang umaayaw ay hindi nagwawagi.”

Round Twelve

Rumor was that Cotto’s corner stopped the fight in between rounds but Cotto comes back out for final round. Pacquiao comes forward with combination. Looking aggressive. Lands a straight left and the fight is called. Pacquiao by TKO in the 12th.

Mythoughts: Kung knockout king nga si Pac Man. Knock out din ang kanyang mga TV appearances. ‘Eto siya sa isang guesting sa Wowowee. Nya-ha-ha-ha!

english text by Brett Okamoto

videos from YouTube



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“BAGETS” baduy but BELOVED

PARA sa akin ang pelikulang “Bagets” ng Viva Films ang pinakakorning pagsusuma ng buhay-tinedyer noong Dekada ’80. Sa sobrang kakornihan nito, natatawa kami ng misis ko tuwing napapanood namin ito sa cable TV. Natatawa pero nagno-nostalgia. Guilty pleasure, ‘eka nga.

 Sunod usong-Bagets din kasi kami noong 1984 (edad-kinse kami noon). At unti-unti kong nadi-discover sa mga kuwentuhang-inuman kasama ng mga kaedad ko ngayon (kuwarenta na kami) na nasaan ka man naroon sa ‘Pinas noong pinalabas ito sa sinehan, malamang pa-bagets-bagets ka rin.

 ‘Eto ang “Ultimate Bagets Quiz” . Kung alam mo ang karamihan sa mga sagot sa tanong na ito, itanggi mo man, ikaw din ang magbibisto sa tunay mong nakaraan: (ANSWERS are at the end of this piece.)

 1. Sino ang kumanta ng theme song ng “Bagets” na may linyang “… I’m growing up, getting down, putting my both feet on the ground…”? Diabetic siya.

 2. Sino sa limang castmembers ng “Bagets” ang nakasalamin? Vice Mayor na siya ngayon.

 3. Sino ang pinakamatandang miyembro ng cast “Bagets” na sa tunay na buhay ay pinakasalan ang ka-love team niya sa pelikulang ito?

 4. Sino ang ka-loveteam ni JC Bonnin sa pelikula?

 5. Ano ang title ng dance anthem ng pelikula? Sinasayaw ito sa pamamagitan ng pagse-shake ng isang nakataas na braso, closed fist ( a la flying Superman), at ang isang kamay naman ay nakatapat sa tenga?

 6. Ano ang sinasakyan ni Herbert Bautista noong nakilala niya si Jobelle Salvador?

 7. Paano namatay ang karakter ni Yayo Aguila?

 8. Anong kanta ni Raymond Lauchengco ang background music sa date sequence nila ni Eula Valdes?

 9. Dalawa sa limang “Bagets” ang walang ka-date sa prom night sequence ng pelikula. Sino sila?

 10. Sinong foreign singer ang ina-idolize ni Aga Muhlach sa movie?


 1. Sino pa, di si Gary Valenciano. At kung alam mo ang title nito– “Growing Up” — malamang alam mo rin ang buong lyrics.

 2. Si Quezon City Vice-Mayor Herbert Bautista.

 3. Si William Martinez. Kinailangan siyang isama dahil siya ang pinakasikat na heartthrob noon. Malaking risk kasi ang pelikulang puro bago ang artista kaya hiniram siya from Regal Films. Ka-loveteam niya ang misis niya ngayong si Yayo Aguila.

 4. Si Chanda Romero. May-December affair ang drama nila.

 5. “Just Got Lucky” ng Joe Boxers. Hanggang ngayon ito pa rin ang isa sa most identified dance step ‘pag Dekada ’80 ang topic.

 6. Bisekleta ang sinasakyan ni Bistek nu’ng makita niyang nagdidilig ng halaman si Jobelle. Nahulog pa siya nang ma-love at first sight siya sa dalaga. Falling in love, literally.

 7. Namatay sa car crash ang karakter ni Yayo. Nakipag-drag race kasi si William habang angkas siya sa kool na kool nilang dune buggy.

8. Ang walang kamatayang “So It’s You”. Highlight ng sequence na ito ang pagkanta ni Raymond na naka-black tux siya at si Eula naman nasa gitna ng isang malaking staduium (Rizal Memorial?) at nakasuot ng pang-Santacruzang gown. Surreal.

 9. Sina Aga (dahil may asawa na ang love interest niya rito na si Baby Delgado) at si Herbert (dahil sa ending pa ng pelikula niya mapapasagot si Jobelle dahil akala niya boyfriend nito si Mon Alvir– pinsan pala).

 10. Sino pa, si Michael Jackson. Sumayaw pa si Aga ng “Wanna Be Starting Somethin” na tuluyan nang nagpabaduy kay Michael Jackson sa mga Pilipino.

Kung napangiti ka ng 8 out of 10 questions dito at alam mo ang sagot mentally (kahit ayaw mong sabihin verbally), naki-“Bagets” ka rin pala noon. At malamang hanggang ngayon, naggi-gel ka pa rin. May nakatago kang Topsiders na pang-driving (lame excuse). At ‘pag natutuwa ka sa sinabi ng isa mong kausap, sasagot ka ng “Nice one! (Sabay apir.)

Kung napag-isip ka ng 5 out of 10 questions dito at habang sinasabi mong “Oo nga, no. Naalala ko na,” closet-“Bagets” ang tawag sa’yo. Pilit mong kinakalimutan ang ’80s. Kasi siguro wala kang kabarkada noon. O wala kang naging boy friend o girl friend. In short, kulang sa pagkabata.

Kung wala kang alam (0 ang score mo), you need to see this flick.

You’re either too young or chromosome ka pa lang noong pinalabas ito:

part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fpftOPjJ3I&feature=related

part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PfzlII0L4Y&feature=related

part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=johse1ryNh8&feature=related

part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VJ4JKRXPOs&feature=related

part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGtDqN0gvo0&feature=related

THE REST OF THE MOVIE: Kayo na ang maghanap sa YouTube

(at magpasalamat tayo kay JONETTE salamat sa pag-a-upload ng klasik na ito)

Para maunawaan mo kung bakit may mga pag-uugaling baduy ang parents mo or mga nakakatanda mong kapatid, panoorin mo ito dahil ganito sila noon. Baduy na talaga… pero kool.

Nice one!!! Apppiiir!


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Caught with pants down

(Ely M.) KUNG bibilangin mo ang lahat ng bagay na nakasabit sa katawan mo araw-araw, magugulat ka sa bigat ng  daigdig na pinapasan mo.

‘Eto ang mga nakabukol sa pantalon ko:

Sa kaliwang bulsa ng aking pantalon:

  • SUSI– napakaraming susi na hindi ko alam kung para buksan ang alin. Basta as far as I can remember, isa dito ay susi ng bahay namin.
  • KENDI– Stork, Mentos at isa pang kulay Cherry na wala nang balot na nakadikit na sa bulsa. Tawag ko dito “emergency snack” lalo na kung matagal ang biyahe at walang fast food na madadaanan.
  • COINS– Napakaraming barya na kung bibilangin ko, siguro kulang-kulang 50 pesos ang katumbas(kung iku-convert into pesos). Sa sobrang dami, minsan tinatanong na ako ng mga kaibigan ko kung may luslos daw ba ako.

Sa kanang bulsa ng aking pantalon:

  • 2 USB– Mga impostanteng files na kung ipi-print lahat ay makakapuno ng dalawang steel cabinets.
  • RESIBO– Ng kung anu-anong mga bagay na binili, ginamit, kinain ko at oo ‘yung iba dito, napulot ko lang sa kalye << save the earth ‘eka.
  • CELLPHONE– Kung saan naka-record ang aking non-existing social life. At dahil lumang model at sobrang laki nito, madalas itong napapagkamalan ng mga babae as my  “talong”. I wish.

Sa kanang bulsa ko sa LIKOD ng pantalon:

  • WALLET lang– Pero hindi ganu’n kasimple dahil narito ang …
  1. Mas maraming RESIBO– Dito, nakatupi pa ang lahat. Ito ‘yung mga resibong may nakakabit na “memories” (kung sentimental ka, you know what I mean). “Ah, my FIRST foot massage…”
  2. 5 ID CARDS– 1 from college, 1 PRC Card, 3 lumang IDs galing sa tatlong huling kumpanya na pinagtrabahuhan ko. Yes, I did not surrender them. What can I do, eh, sa naiwala ko, eh.
  3. 3 MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT CARDS– Mula sa groceries hanggang video rental at Timezone.
  4. 2 CREDIT CARDS– Ito ang pinakamabigat dalhin, lalo na pag singilan na.
  5. 2 E-LOADS– Mahirap nang maubusan habang naglo-long distance.
  6. 1 CONDOM– Mahirap nang mapalaban habang nasa long distance.
  7. 1 TOOTHPICK– Hindi kasi kasya ang toothbrush sa wallet.
  8. POST ITs– Na iba-ibang kulay. Isa sa Post-It ko ay may nakasulat: “Throw all of these  Post-Its away!”
  9. TISSUE PAPER– Kung saan nakalista ang iba’t ibang phone numbers ng hopefully  “cute girls”  na hindi ko na matandaan kung saan ko napagkikilala. ‘Pag walang magawa, pinapahiran ko na rin ng kulangot ‘yung bawat sulok ng tissue paper kaya medyo yellowish na ito.

Sa kaliwang bulsa ko sa LIKOD ng pantalon:

  • Isang malinis na puting PANYO (strange, but true!)

Isama n’yo na riyan ang actual weight ng isang lumang Levis 501, more or less mga dalawang kilo siguro ang bigat ng lahat.

Pantalon ko pa lang ‘yan.

Kaya nga tuwing gabi, pag-uwi ko galing trabaho na pagod na pagod sa maghapong kaka-chat, este….  kakagawa ng “customer’s files”, dahan-dahan akong lalakad papasok at tatayo sa gitna ng aming malamig na kuwarto…

luluwagan ko ang aking cowboy belt

at dali-daling itataas ang aking dalawang braso…

sa sobrang bigat ng aking pantalon, automatic na itong dadausdos pababa  mula sa aking beywang tungo sa aking mga tuhod.

Titingala ako sa kisame

at ng gaya ni Mel Gibson sa “Braveheart” nu’ng kinoronggo na siya sa puwet ng isang steel rod…

sumisigaw ako ng nakakabinging…

(photofrom: www.getreligion.org … Note: Hindi ako ‘yung nasa pic. Maputi ang legs ko.)

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Malinaw na live video– as it happened July 7, 2009– for those of you who missed it.



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 (LJI) MATAWA na kayong lahat, aamin ako today, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan. Kung magkakaroon kasi ng music playlist ang henerasyong kinabibilangan ko, malamang puro awitin ni Michael and pupuno dito. It was such a long time ago but I feel I need to write this down.

1. Give Love On Christmas Day (released 1970)

Sabi ng mga elders ng pamilya namin, noong mga bata pa raw kami, dinala nila kami sa isang concert ng Jackson 5 sa Araneta Coliseum diyan sa may Cubao, QC. Pero wala nga akong naaalala dito. Basta ang alam ko, isa sa senyales na malapit na ang Pasko sa bahay namin o sa buong Pilipinas ang pagpapatugtog till your ears bleed ng Christmas classic na “Give Love On Christmas Day” ng Jackson 5. At kung hindi n’yo pa alam, isang 12 year old Michael Jackson ang nagbu-vocals dito. At magpahanggang ngayon, required na chorus after ng linyang “…Taking time to be kind to one and all…” ang “hooo-hooo-hooo…”

2. She’s Out Of My Life (released 1979)

Hindi ko ‘to makakalimutan dahil kinanta ito ng isang babaeng classmate ko nu’ng high school para sa isang lalaking classmate ko rin. Sabi niya before singing, “This is dedicated to Neil…” at gaya nga ni Michael humihikbi din ‘yung girl at the end of the song dahil ayaw siyang pansinin si Neil. Natatawa naman si Neil dahil “HE’S out of my life” daw dapat ang tamang linya kung para sa kanya nga ‘yung dedication. Loko.

3. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough (released 1979)

Sa sobrang kasikatan ng kantang ito ni Michael, may nag-translate nito in Tagalog. Ang kinalabasan ng linyang “Keep on with the force don’t, don’t stop till you get enough…” ay “Kaya John, magsumikap… dapat magsumikap ka…” at ginawa itong theme song ng “John En Marsha” ni Dolphy sa lumang Channel 9.

 4. Someone In The Dark (special edition, released 1982)

Kasama ang kantang ito sa isang special album na ni-release to promote the movie “E.T. (the Extra Terrestrial) ” na dinirek ni Steven Spielberg. Hindi ko alam ‘yun dahil sa VCD ko na napanood ang E.T. after 10 years from its original showing dahil ayaw ni Spielberg mag-release ng video version. Pero 10 years ko nga itong ginigitara dahil masarap siyang kantahin. Sabi ni E.T. sa gitna ng kanta “Thaaaaaank you” kay Michael. Sana sumagot si Michael nang “Your Wehhhhhhhhllcome.”

5. Billie Jean (released as a single 1983)

The 1984 Grammy Awards was the first one I ever watched on TV sa Channel 9 (again). Sa TV plug kasi nito, nominated si Michael for several Grammy Awards including Best R&B Song for Billie Jean. Laking pasalamat ko dahil it was truly an historic night. He ended up with a record 8 Grammy Awards. Kinabukasan na-realize ko naging Jackson fanatic akong bigla nang napansin kong ginagaya ko na ‘yung Jackson walk sa intro ng Bilie Jean video habang ini-imagine kong umiilaw ‘yung tiles ng sahig namin sa bawat hakbang ko. Later on, ‘yung isang best friend ko named his first child “Billy” after the song. Joke namin, para ‘pag malaki na si Billy puwede siyang utusang bumili ng alak ng tatay niya with the words, “Billy– bili Gin.”

6. Beat It (released as a single 1983)

This was the song that kept playing in my head everyday while walking to school. Walking to the beat, ‘eka nga. I love the guitar solo sa song na ito at kung meron ngang list ng best guitar solos in a pop song, ‘yung guitar solo dito sa “Beat It” ang No. 1 ko. At bakit nga hindi siya magiging hayup sa galing – si Eddie Van Halen (ng rock band na Van Halen) ang nag-solo dito. Hindi nga lang guitars ang magaling sa song. Hayup din ang choreography at dance moves ni Michael sa video. During this time I discovered dancing. I hated dancing. But it became a guilty pleasure. Sabi nga ni Madonna sa kantang “Into the Groove“…lock the doors so no one else could see…” Siyempre kasama na porma namin ‘yung pormang Michael: konting “S” na palawit ng buhok sa may bandang noo—a la Superman at secretly pagdadala ng sequined glove in my pocket. ‘Pag may nagtatanong kung bakit may sequined glove ako, sagot ko “Nagta-trapik ako dyan sa kanto.”

7. Thriller (released as an album 1982)

If you’re a child of the ‘80s, I’m sure you know some of the dance moves from this classic song and video. Naglabas ng “The Making of Thriller” noon at ang ginagawa namin ng mga barkada ko, sino-slow motion naming ‘yung video para lang ma-imitate every dance move. Dito nga naming napatunayan na possible palang umikot nang pitong beses gaya ni Michael kung naka-Blah Blah kang sapatos. Sa sobrang familiar nga ng choreography nito, may nag-perform nito perfectly sa high school field demo namin nu’ng 1984. So, ‘yung mga bilanggo na nagti-Thriller sa Youtube, sorry to say, hindi sila ang original.

8. I Just Can’t Stop Lovin You (released 1987)

College student ako na naglalakad pauwi sa loob ng SM North Edsa (hindi pa siya “City” noon) nu’ng marinig ko ang kantang ito. Sabi ko, “Kaboses ni Michael? It’s been 5 years mula nu’ng na-release ang “Thriller”—may bago kaya siyang album? Lo and behold, sa harap ng record store (Odyssey yata) naroon nga ang poster ng album na “Bad”! Unti-unti akong nangiti. Nagbalik sa aking alaala ‘yung teenage Michael Jackson phase ko  “Here we go again,” isip ko. Pero habang tinititigan ko ‘yung poster napansin ko, nag-iba na rin ang mukha ni Michael: mahaba ang buhok, maputi na may cleft chin at iba na naman ang kanyang ilong. He looked bad. Parang hindi kasi bagay ‘yung physical changes. Kaso sabi nga sa kanta, “I just can’t stop lovin you… Michael.” Nag-moonwalk ako happily the rest of my way going home na ikina-pudpod ng suot kong Chuck Taylor.

9. Smooth Criminal (released 1987)

“Moonwalker” ang title ng movie at dito pinagsama-sama ang lahat ng video ng album na “Bad”. Pinalabas ito sa isang movie theatre sa Recto kung saan malapit ang university namin. Buong tropa ko sa college nag-cut classes para lang manood nito at magsasayaw sa loob ng sinehan, especially during the extended video ng “Smooth Criminal”. It was the nearest thing to a Michael Jackson concert. Alam namin lahat ng kanta, alam naming ang dance moves at nagkabistuhan na na saan ka man lupalop ng Pilipinas lumaki, imposibleng hindi naimpluwensiyahan ang pagkabata mo ng musika ni Michael. Favorite dance move namin after watching “Bad” ay ang “crotch hold” (o hawak betlog). Dahil kay Michael hindi ka na nga mahihiya mag-adjust ng kargada mo in public kung kinakailangan.

 HISTORY WORLD TOUR—December 10 1996 Asia World, Paranaque.

After 15 looooong years, nangyari nga ang imposible. Nagkaroon ng concert schedule si Michael Jackson sa Pilipinas. Nagtatrabaho na ako by this time sa isang showbiz magazine. At parang pinagtagpo nga ng panahon dahil nakakuha ang editorial office namin ng invites para sa press launching ng concert sa Manila Hotel. First time ko sa Manila Hotel at napakaengrande ng “ambulance” sa loob, siyempre engrande din ang concert (‘eto ‘yung same video na ipinakita during the launch). Dahil sa excitement na na-build up in me during the press launch, hindi nga ako na-satisfy sa free tickets na bigay sa press na pinauupo ka sa pinakalikod ng reclaimed land are ng Asia World, sa tabi ng naglalakihang metal cargo containers na ginawa nilang pader. Bumili ako ng tatlong middle seat audience tickets worth 3 thousand pesos each, mapalapit sa aking idol. One for me, one for another friend na MJ fan din and one for my future-misis. Ubos ang laman ng credit card ko only for this once in a lifetime chance to get close to my childhood idol.

10. Childhood (released 1995)

Among the 30 songs na included sa double album na “HIStory” ito ang nas-stick sa mind ko. Sabi sa first line ng kanta, tinatanong tayo ni Michael: “Have you seen my childhood?” Only then I finally understood kung ano nga ba si Michael, ano siya sa buhay ko. Sa buhay natin.

Siya ‘yung nagpapaalala nu’ng mga masayang Pasko sa Pilipinas nu’ng musmos pa tayo sa “Give Love On Christmas Day”; ‘yung teenage loneliness nu’ng wala ka pang girlfriend sa “Someone In The Dark” ; falling totally in love sa “I Just Can’t Stop Lovin You”; makagunaw mundong teenage heartbreaks natin  sa “She’s Out Of My Life”; mga kalokohan ng tropang high school sa “Thriller”, “Beat It” at “Billie Jean” at goodtime sa college while listening to “Bad” at “Smooth Criminal”. Hindi lang pala nakadugtong si Michael sa ilang highlights sa buhay natin kundi naka-link din siya sa mga taong nakasama at nakilala natin habang pinapatugtog ang mga awitin niya sa radio o sa mga cassette at CD players noon. Kaya nga ‘pag nakikinig tayo ng iPod today ng illegally downloaded nating Michael Jackson song at ipipikit natin ang ating mga mata, nakikita natin muli ‘yung mga taong ‘yun at bumabalik lahat ng feelings from our own childhood.

After feeling like a child again during the two hour concert na ‘yun kung saan nakita ko ang 38  year old na si Michael nang malapitan, of course he looked old–er. May tiyan na—parang maliit beer belly. Parang nagli-lipsynch na. At parang hindi na niya kayang mag-spin seven times. But the same energy, the same passion and the same commitment to entertain us, hindi nawala. The crowd of 90,000 na nanood with us showed the same energy, passion and commitment kahit nga naghintay kami ng 15 years to get to that moment.

Pagkatapos ng concert, naglakad lahat ng audience from Paranaque hangang Manila bago makasakay ng taxi. Puno ang buong Roxas Blvd ng mga taong naglalakad: puyat, pagod, paos pero lahat nakangiti. Kami lalo dahil kung nakalimutan ko na nga ‘yung supposedly Jackson 5 concert sa Araneta nu’ng kamusmusan ko nu’ng late ‘70s—‘etong 1996 concert na ito ni Michael Jackson nagbalik muli for a moment ang “wonder in my youth”.

The next morning we all grew up and finally moved on (LJI).

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How Will You Remember MICHAEL JACKSON?



LOVE him or hate him, he’s definitely led one very interesting life.

I just need to ask you this question:

If you think there are other words to describe MJ, feel free to comment.

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CyberSex Anyone?



Ayon sa Wikipedia ang cybersex ay…

…Synonymous to “computer sex”, “internet sex” or “net sex”. It is a “virtual sex encounter” in which two or more persons connected remotely via a computer network send one another sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience. It is a form of role-playing in which the participants pretend they are having actual sexual relations to arouse each other. Cybersex can be accomplished through the use of Usernames in a multiuser software environment, like YM, MSN, wordpress (i’m kidding!) or any internet website chatroom.

SEXAMPLE (translated from bash.org):

GalitnasiPedro: Hi, Lakambini. ASL?

Lakambini: 20 F Pasay. Kaw?

GalitnasiPedro: 22 M Makati. Private Message?

Lakambini: K

GalitnasiPedro: (in PM mode) What do you look like?

Lakambini: (in PM mode) 5’3” in height. Nakapula akong silk blouse ngayon, maong na mini-skirt at black high heels. 36-24-36 ang measurements ko sabi ng gym instructor ko. Ikaw?

GalitnasiPedro: I’m 6’2″. 280 pounds. Cute ako kaso  I wear thick glasses. Naka-pajama ako ngayon at T-shirt na natapunan ng ketchup. Kumain kasi kami ng galunggong kani-kanina lang dinner. LOL

Lakambini: LOL. R u feelin hot? Wanna cyber?

GalitnasiPedro: Ah, OK

Lakambini: Isipin mo nasa bedroom tayo. May lovesong na tumutugtog sa CD player. Dim light kasi scented candles lang ang ilaw. I’m looking up into your eyes, smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge.

GalitnasiPedro: Ambilis mo naman. Napalunok ako. Pinagpapawisan nang malamig.

Lakambini: I’m pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest.

GalitnasiPedro: Now I’m unbuttoning your blouse. Nanginginig ang mga braso ko.

Lakambini: I’m moaning softly.

GalitnasiPedro: Dahan-dahan kong inaalis ang malambot mong blouse.

Lakambini: I’m throwing my head back in pleasure. The cool silk slides off my warm skin. I’m rubbing your bulge faster, pulling and rubbing.

GalitnasiPedro: Napa-igwas ako dahil sa kiliti… Ay! napunit ko ang blouse mo. Sorry.

Lakambini: Ok lang. Mura lang naman ang bili ko diyan. Lmao.

GalitnasiPedro: Bayaran ko na lang.

Lakambini: Don’t worry about it. I’m wearing a lacy black bra. My soft breasts are rising and falling, as I breathe harder and harder.

GalitnasiPedro: Ah, e… HIndi ko mabuksan ang bra mo. Mahigpit ang lock. May gunting ka ba dyan?

Lakambini: I take your hand and kiss it softly. I’m reaching back undoing the clasp. The bra slides off my body. The air caresses my breasts. My nipples are erect for you.

GalitnasiPedro: How did you do that? Yumuko ako.. para pulutin ang bra mo sa sahig. Tinitignan ko kung paano mo nabuksan?

Lakambini: I’m arching my back. Oh baby. I just want to feel your tongue all over me.

GalitnasiPedro: I’m dropping the bra. Now I’m licking your… you know, breasts. Hihi. They’re nice!

Lakambini: I’m running my fingers through your hair. Now I’m nibbling your ear.

GalitnasiPedro: I suddenly sneezed. Your breasts are now covered with spit and phlegm.

Lakambini: What?

GalitnasiPedro: I’m so sorry. Ganu’n kasi ako ‘pag nahahatsing.

Lakambini: I’m wiping your phlegm off my breasts with the remains of my blouse.

GalitnasiPedro: I’m taking the wet blouse from you. I drop it with a plop… puno nga talaga ito ng plema at dura. Eeww.

Lakambini: OK. I’m pulling your pajamas down and rubbing your hard tool.

GalitnasiPedro: Eeeeeeeeee!!!! Napatili ako. Malamig ang kamay mo!

Lakambini: I’m pulling up my miniskirt. Take off my panties.

GalitnasiPedro: I’m pulling off your panties. My tongue is going all over, in and out nibbling on you…umm… Wait… wait a minute.

Lakambini: What’s the matter?

GalitnasiPedro: I’ve got a pubic hair caught in my throat. Kaahhk! KaaahhKK!! << choking

Lakambini: Are you OK?

GalitnasiPedro: Kaaahhkk!! Khaaakh!! Ubo! Ubo! Cough! Cough!

Lakambini: Can I help?

GalitnasiPedro: Napatakbo ako sa kusina. Kailangan ko ng tubig. Kaaahhk!!! Saan mo nilalagay ‘yung mga baso n’yo?

Lakambini: ????

GalitnasiPedro: I’m drinking a glass of water. There, that’s better.

Lakambini: Come back to me, lover.

GalitnasiPedro: Teka, huhugasan ko muna ang baso. Nakakahiya naman.

Lakambini: I’m on the bed arching for you.

GalitnasiPedro: Pinupunasan ko muna ang baso at ibabalik sa cabinet. Baka magalit nanay mo. And now I’m walking back to the bedroom. TekA, I’m lost. Where’s the bedroom nga ulit?

Lakambini: Last door on the left at the end of the hall.

GalitnasiPedro: I found it.

Lakambini: I’m tuggin’ off your pants. I’m moaning. I want you so badly.

GalitnasiPedro: Me too.

Lakambini: Your pants are off. I kiss you passionately-our naked bodies pressing each other.

GalitnasiPedro: Your face is pushing my glasses into my face. Dinidiinan mo ang salamin ko. It hurts.

Lakambini Why don’t you take off your glasses?

GalitnasiPedro: OK, but I can’t see very well without them. Oh, well. Hinubad ko ang salamin ko at inilagay sa side table.

Lakambini: I’m bending over the bed. Give it to me, baby!

GalitnasiPedro: Teka, teka..  iihi muna ako. Gumegewang-gewang akong nagmamadali papunta sa banyo. I can’t see well. Sa’n na nga ba salamin ko?

Lakambini: Hurry back, lover.

GalitnasiPedro: I find the bathroom and it’s dark. I’m feeling around for the toilet. I lift the lid.

Lakambini: I’m waiting eagerly for your return.

GalitnasiPedro: Madlim sa banyo. Hindi ko Makita ang ilaw. Ihing-ihi na ako! Ahhhh… ditto na lang… Oooops.

Lakambini: What’s the matter now?

GalitnasiPedro: Naihian ko ‘yung laundry hamper mo. Sorry ulit. HIndi ko napigil. Akala ko bowl.

Lakambini: Mmm, OK. Come on.

GalitnasiPedro: OK, now I’m going to put my…you know …Pedro…in your…you know…alam mo na.

Lakambini: Yes! Do it, baby! Do it!

GalitnasiPedro: I’m touching your smooth pwet. It feels so nice. I kiss your neck. Umm, I’m having a little trouble here.

Lakambini: I’m moving my ass back and forth, moaning. I can’t stand it another second! Slide in! Screw me now!
GalitnasiPedro: Teka… teka… lumambot.

Lakambini: What?!!!<< asar na

GalitnasiPedro: Lumambot si Pedro… ayaw nang tumayo…

Lakambini: I’m standing up and turning around; Nakakainsulto naman ‘yan.

GalitnasiPedro: I’m getting sad. Tumayo na ako sa kama. Kukunin ko ang salamin ko para tignan nang malapitan si Peds.

Lakambini: No, never mind. I’m getting dressed. I’m putting on my underwear. Now I’m putting on my wet nasty blouse na puno ng plema mo!

GalitnasiPedro: No wait! Kinakapa ko kung saan ko pinatong ang salamin ko… kapa… kap…Nasagi ko ang scented candles mo… natumba… papunta sa…

Lakambini: I’m buttoning my blouse. Nagbibihis na ako. Now I’m putting on my heels.

GalitnasiPedro: I’ve found my glasses. I’m putting them on. OH, NOOO! ‘Yung kandila… nasusunog ang kurtina ng kuwarto… Ahhhhh!!!!  Suuunoooggg!!!.

Lakambini: Go to hell. Putangina mo! I’m logging off. Loser!!!

GalitnasiPedro: Now the carpet is on fire! Oh noooo! Helllppp!!!! Nanaangkupooo!!!



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YOUtube ME, I tube YOU (Ah, Saraaaap!)




Nagkaroon ako bigla ng bagong addiction bukod sa panonood ng cable, pagkain at pag-ebak, I can’t stop myself from ‘YouTubing’. Mula nu’ng maikabit ‘yung bagong ‘interweb’ connection namin dito sa aming tree house, hindi ko na mapigil ang sarili kong mag-online. I became an obsessed YouTube community member.

What’s my purpose? I’m in the process of stumping the site: ‘Ano’ng video kaya ang WALA sila?’ Halos lahat kasi ng topic naka-upload dito. Eh, ultimo ‘yung kasal ni Queen Elizabeth nu’ng 19kopongkopong, meron. Speech ni Ninoy Aquino nu’ng buhay pa siya–meron. Pati ‘yung hindi maintindihang report ni Michael Fajatin sa Saksi ng GMA7, nandu’n. At ‘yung Wowowee contestant na nagpasalamat sa Eat Bulaga, naroon din. Hmm?

So, I tried typing ‘At Seventeen’, ‘yung ’70s love song classic ni Janis Ian — my favorite kasi laging pinapatugtog sa Mellow Touch DWLL nu’ng kabataan ko. Mahirap, ‘di ba? Una luma na. Pangalawa, kanta siya at wa’ pang mTV nu’n. Pangatlo, sino na nga ba si Janis Ian? So, hintay ako ng mga 3 seconds… meron pa rin! 10 video-versions nu’ng kanta. Sampu maniwala ka– mula nu’ng ’70s na kumakanta si Janis sa isang tv show (girly pa siya dito), hanggang sa isang vid na 2000ish sa isang revival concert (lesbiana na si Janis dito and very old– the face and gender have changed but her sweet voice remained the same). And the video thread began right there. (Click ALL the BLUE links in this blog to understand what I mean).

A few seconds later, pinapanood ko na si Barry Manilow, kumakanta ng ‘Mandy‘ at age 20ish yata–pogi at lalaki pa. Si Robin Williams, David Letterman at Jay Leno nagsta-standup nu’ng ’80s– all long-haired and I just realized, long din pala ang baba nilang tatlo. ‘Tapos sina Tito, Vic and Joey sa isang ’70s Coke commercial mimicking Freddie Aguilar and Mike Hanopol. MERON din sila!?

Sa thread nina TVJ may nakita akong video entries titled ‘sexy commercials’ so I clicked it. Engrossing. Mga sexy ladies endorsing different products from beers to–sex? Nu’ng nakita ko ‘yung title na ‘sex’ , tumayo ang… balahibo ko. Totoo kaya? So I clicked it. I ended with a 7 minute very sexy video titled ‘Seducing a Maid’ from Spain– two girls kissing like there are no men on earth (Ha-ha! “Nakaisa” ako! No links this time. It’s all up to you to look for it.). To my surprise (ka-ching!) it’s an ad for a porno site pala. And YouTube allowed it. Kina-cut lang ‘pag magpapakita na ng nipples ‘yung mga ‘actresses’. But with or without the nips, pwede na rin.

The porno ad was very convincing…so, after a few more “accidental” clicks, aside from my membership to YouTube I also became an instant member of YouTubeMe.com (or Tubuhin Mo Ako). And it’s not a site for plumbers.



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Shower Time

BAGO ako maligo, pakisagot lang ang aking tanong:

Please, CLICK the “box” of your choice.

Then CLICK  the “vote” button.

CLICK “view results” kung uzisero ka.


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