HOW TO Appreciate… a RAINBOW

SOMETIMES when you feel

that the world is not a good place to be

with all its complicated problems

and all your own problems

all mixed up with everyone else’s,

we are reminded that

there is always joy in the simplest of things.

That at the end of the day

the only thing that matters is

trusting that there is Someone in charge

who will take care of all our worries

and make everything alright.


and see what real happiness is all about 🙂

(Video’s loading too slow? CLICK>> THIS)

Whenever I bring clouds over the earth

and a rainbow appears in the clouds,

I will remember my covenant between me and you

and all living creatures of every kind.

Never again will the waters become

a flood to destroy all life.”

(Genesis 9:15-16)

Agosto 28, 2010. Mga kataga , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Pilosopo PHILOSOPHY, WTF is GRAMMAR?!.

4 mga puna

  1. foobarph replied:

    base muna!

  2. hitokirihoshi replied:

    pinanood ko yung video ng walang audio (speaker lang kasi meron dito, bawal pa gamitin hehehe)

    kaya dun na lang ako sa message. nabaa ko rin yang verse noon. kaya nga magandang i-appreciate talaga ang ganda at halaga ng bahag-hari.


  3. scannedthoughts replied:

    thanks, foobarph– sige na nga. you’re first.

    i just hope there’s a second 🙂

  4. scannedthoughts replied:

    try to find a speaker hitokirihoshi.
    nakakatawa ‘to.
    wag ka lang magpapahuli kay boss.

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