Tama na blogging! BOXING NAMAN! (Panalo si PAC MAN! Yehey!)


Na-tiris ni “Money” Pacquiao si Miguel “Kuto”.



Round One

Bell sounds and Firepower is on. Awesome to see the cameras flashing around the place. Cotto lands a good left jab that gets a response from the crowd. Another good left by Cotto. Pacquiao throws a few right hands blocked by Cotto. Good combination from Pacquiao. Pacquiao goes for a jab to the body but pays for it with good counters from Cotto. Pacquiao fires off a hard left that Cottto ducks under. Cotto throws an upercut but misses. Great first round, slight edge to Cotto.

Considering the well-known fact that Manny Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 KO) carries the hope of the entire country of the Philippines into the ring with him every time he fights, the reigning pound-for-pound fighter is never short on motivation for a fight.

That said, he’ll have even more than usual tonight.

Mythoughts: Habang binabasa ko ito, naalala ko ‘yung laban ni Manny against David Diaz nu’ng┬áJune 2008. Pumapalag din si Diaz sa simula ng laban. Pero humalik din sa canvas in the end. Tulog agad. Hehe.

Round Two

Pacquiao tries to counter a jab with a combination but it’s taken well by Cotto. Cotto lands an uppercut on a counter after Pacquiao comes forward. Cotto lands a jab and Pacquiao nods. Good left jab from Pacquiao followed by another. Good jab from Cotto to answer. Crowd is electric, going wild with every shot. Pacquiao lands a good uppercut that seemed to have hurt Cotto a bit. Cotto regains and lands a nice left hook. Cotto warned for a low blow. Pacquiao feints and then comes forward landing a hook to start a combination. Pacquiao becoming more aggressive. Good counter left from Pacquiao. Cotto works the body then goes high but Pacquiao comes a back and lands a flurry. The place erupts, Pacquiao wins the round.

Mythoughts: Kung gaano ka-agresibo si Paquiao sa round na ito against Cotto, ganu’n din siya ka-agresibo nu’ng laban niya kay Oscar Dela Joya nu’ng December 2008. Hindi nga umubra si Golden Boy kay Pac Man.

Round Three

Cotto bullying forward to start the round, working the jab. Straight left from Cotto lands. Good right hand from Pacquiao and he follows with a combination that knocks down Cotto! Cotto is back up and Pacquiao not pressing immediately. Cotto missees an overhand left and Pacquiao counters but Cotto takes it and continues to move forward. Great left hook from Cotto, but Pacquiao doesn’t seem bothered by it. Accidental headbutt stops action briefly, neither fighter cut. Good left from Cotto. Cotto lands another efective left hook. Cotto lands a good uppercut in the corner. 10-8 round for Pacquiao.

Mythoughts: Naalala n’yo pa ba ‘yung alang kuwentang laban ni Paquiao with Ricky Hatton nu’ng May 2009? Parang si Hatton din si Cotto. ‘Alang kuwenta:


Round Eleven

You could hear the crowd’s reaction to seeing Cotto’s swollen face on the big screen at the start of the round. Pacquiao lowers his hands and gives another look of frustration at Cotto’s unwillingness to exchange. Cotto’s goes up against the ropes and now in the corner. Pacquiao lands some good shots but Cotto answers with a good left hook that pushes him back. Crowd begins to boo again as it’s obvious Cotto doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Mythoughts: At ‘eto na nga si “Kuto”– este si Cotto. Naging biktima rin ng bilis at lakas ni Manny Paquiao nu’ng November 2009. Nakakahiya ito kasi umayaw… sa lahat ng laban sa boxing, nakakahiya ang umaayaw. At according sa sweepstakes: “Ang umaayaw ay hindi nagwawagi.”

Round Twelve

Rumor was that Cotto’s corner stopped the fight in between rounds but Cotto comes back out for final round. Pacquiao comes forward with combination. Looking aggressive. Lands a straight left and the fight is called. Pacquiao by TKO in the 12th.

Mythoughts: Kung knockout king nga si Pac Man. Knock out din ang kanyang mga TV appearances. ‘Eto siya sa isang guesting sa Wowowee. Nya-ha-ha-ha!

english text by Brett Okamoto

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